Sounds like a good idea:

Fast forward three months from Sanguinetti\’s unfortunate remarks, and a movement that was born in riposte to his loose talk has now gone international. \”SlutWalking\” is attracting thousands of people to take to the streets to put an end to what they believe is a culture in which it is considered acceptable to blame the victim.

No, not that bit. Blaming the victim is of course not on, but a gentle pointing out that certain behaviours make certain possible consequences more likely seems fair enough. Getting drunk enough to pass out is likely to increase all sorts of risks, wearing a Brazilian style mono-kini to a night club similarly.

This bit however:

Some women attended the protest wearing jeans and T-shirts, while others took the mission of reclaiming the word \”slut\” – one of the stated objectives of the movement – more literally and turned out in overtly provocative fishnets and stilettos.

Urban letching is an entirely victimless and enjoyable sport. Tit Monday in Russia (a variable date, can be as late as June in some parts) for example, and these marches sound like a suitable outing for the dedicated gamesman.

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