Something I hadn\’t realised about super injunctions

Yesterday the Sunday Herald, which is not bound by the terms of the injunction because it is published north of the border, intensified the row by publishing the footballer’s picture on its front page and naming him inside.

The injunction only covers media based in England and Wales.

This blog may or may not come under that definition and that\’s something I\’m not about to test.

You would think that someone who had access to US based media, say, one of those would be volunteer generated newspaper sites, could therefore make a bundle by announcing the news there and cleaning up on internet traffic and advertising.

Strangely, I know someone who has done that and have seen their traffic. So many people actually know the result that it\’s not worth it. Weirdly.

And as to the success of Mssrs. 5 p, as one wag over at The Register pointed out, more people now know who he is than know what a footballer is.

2 thoughts on “Something I hadn\’t realised about super injunctions”

  1. Much to my everlasting shame curiosity eventually go the better of me and I Googled this and the other bloke, someone said he was a comedian. Of the first, yawn, of the second – who he and so what?

    Well that’s 30 seconds of my life I won’t get back.

  2. Given your present domicile, I was idly wondering if you could ignore the injunction or, if you did, were you risking arrest the next time you entered the UK. No clear answer seems to be the answer (?).

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