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Subs! Subs!

Not quite what the Telegraph means:

All but one of raid victims were unharmed

Erm, no.

Four of the five people killed when US Navy Seals stormed Osama bin Laden’s hideout were unarmed, contrary to America’s original version of events, it was revealed last night.

They were still harmed, still killed. It\’s that they were unarmed.

1 thought on “Subs! Subs!”

  1. So if we cut through the emotion of the name Bin Laden and ignore the horrors of 9/11 we are left with the bare facts:

    State troops execute unarmed man suspected of planning mass murders. Execution takes place without a trial in front of his wife and 13 year old daughter and four others are killed in the process.

    Strange definition of justice!

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