The Earl of Cromer

He was Governor of the Bank of England you know.

Although, despite what the Telegraph seems to think, I doubt he actually looked like this.

I\’m sure he would have thought shagging the bird over in staff benefits to be boring too.

7 thoughts on “The Earl of Cromer”

  1. I have to admit it’s highly impressive how he got his hands on a 3G smartphone 50 years ago. They really are the Masters of the Universe.

  2. Interestingly the following picture, supposedly of O’Brien, is identical to the Wikipedia picture of Cromer.

    And the picture that is supposed to be Eddie George is identical to the Wikipedia one of Leigh-Pemberton.

    Seems they can’t even plagiarise properly.

    Worse, the latter was put on Wikipedia by the photographer, under a licence that says it can only be used if attributed.

  3. The name of image 13’s not covered by a super-injunction is it?
    Sorry Of course. If you knew you couldn’t tell me, could you?

  4. Tim forgive the OT, but, I thought you might enjoy this:

    Btw, legally it’s no different to entertain a client in a brothel or a restaurant in the eyes of the taxman, and so it’s classed as a business expense. (now, the women quota in business should prove interesting to watch… and yes, there are lots of male hookers for cougars that fail to catch a suitable cub too…lol)

    Someone should tell Richie of this neat loophole *snicker*

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