The Strauss Kahn defence

It appears to be that it was all consensual.

No, really, quiet shy Muslim women working as chambermaids offer sex to portly Kermits all the time, don\’t they?

Just part of being Un Grand Fromage, collecting gifts and obeisance from the peasantry.

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  1. In all seriousness almost all rape cases come down to the issue of whether or not there was consent (unless there are witnesses).

    although not an american lawyer (so the following statements do not apply) Of course other factors are also relevant such as whether or not there was a fresh complaint (which clearly there was) plus any other forensic evidence. The conduct of the accussed will also be relevant. Is it normal for a person to race to the airport forgetting important things like a mobile phone immediately after consensual sex?

    Of course this will be an american jury trial in New York city where I would hate to be the acussed or the victim giving evidence. almost everything will be fair game from a cross examination point, past promiscuity, similar fact evidence the works.

    The real issue is whether or not he will cop a plea?

    Question would you want to be a rich frenchman with a histroy of being disciplined for inappropriate sexual behaviour towards the staff, who accussed of rape before an american jury?

  2. If we overlook the fact that the only real evidence in this as in most rape cases consists of one witness saying they had sex and both wanted it, and the other witness saying they had sex but only one wanted it, the circumstantial stuff looks really bad for DSK.

    I would definitely not discount the possibility that someone found him inconvenient and wanted him out the way, and this was a cheap way of doing it. Whether you’d want to argue that in court in DSK’s shoes is another matter entirely. It would be most informative if he stands down and then charges are quietly dropped for “lack of evidence”.

  3. The problem with the ‘honeytrap’ hypothosis is the material one would be working with.
    If the ‘maid’ hasn’t been brought into the hotel on very short notice specifically to target this individual then you’re having to turn an existing employee. She’s going to have to lie & lying under the sort pressure she’ll be under isn’t a job for a amateur. Good lying requires memorising a narrative with just the right degree of internal consistency. No obvious contradictions but enough minor ones to reflect what a person that has gone through the experience would say. Not easily done.
    The very best lies are essentially the truth told in such a way that the hearer fills in the details they want to hear & disbelieves the bits they don’t.

  4. Oh, perhaps one should add that with those sort of talents she’d hardly be cleaning hotel rooms though she might be a strong contender for the position of next head of the IMF….

  5. I think the best explanation I’ve heard came from someone (I think it was JuliaM), who wondered if he’d ordered a hooker, and the maid turned up at the wrong time?

  6. @8- fail
    Even the head of the IMF would be expecting to pay the hooker before getting down to the nitty-gritty. Unlike bankers whores don’t do CDS’s.

  7. @bloke in spain: I’m afraid my knowledge of hooker etiquette is rather limited (to zero). Is paying up front the done thing?

  8. @8- fail
    Even the head of the IMF would be expecting to pay the hooker before getting down to the nitty-gritty. Unlike bankers whores don’t do CDS’s.

    Unless said hooker was paid for by someone else? If it was I am sure it would be for completely innocent, a birthday present or some such and nothing for us proles to worry about.

  9. So Much For Subtlety

    blokeinfrance – “I love the bit about “proletarian countries”. Post-Marxist or what?”

    I loved that too. Especially as it came with a full on assassination of the character of one particular proletarian (i.e. the chamber maid) and seems to suggest that doing good for poor countries means you can rape as many actual poor people as you like.

    God they have some sh!ts in France.

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