The true conspiracy over Bin Laden\’s death

It\’s the Worstalls.

No, really.

He was killed near two of the Pakistani military training schools.

William Worstall set up one of the Pakistani military training schools after independence.

Bin Laden\’s body was taken to Bagram in Afghanistan.

There\’s a Worstall running the cuisine for part of that camp.

And now we\’ve a third Worstall writing about it. But that\’s just disinformation, to throw you off the scent. By admitting it you see we make you think it can\’t be true.


A prediction: this\’ll be in about the middle rank of believability of those conspiracy theories that do grow up about Bin Laden\’s death.

8 thoughts on “The true conspiracy over Bin Laden\’s death”

  1. one does not doubt that the Americans have killed OBL, its just whether it was this weekend or ten years ago at Tora Bora.

    It is difficult to believe them, why no body?

    I don’t disbelieve, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they are lying.

  2. Somewhere in the US today there should be a very proud mother and father. They brought up their boy not to tell lies and, although in a military well stocked with pathological liars, he delivered himself of this: [bin Laden was] engaged in a firefight… Whether he got off any rounds I don’t know.

  3. …….It is difficult to believe them, why no body?……

    Because the US government wants potential troublemakers to spend the next couple of weeks denying he was killed rather than burning Western embassies.

  4. They had the body:all they had to do was keep it and have tests done back in the USA. End of story–no questions left. Then dispose of remains quietly. Instead, body and house gone for good in a matter of hours.

    It’s bullshit–the sickening thing is the number of chumps who have swallowed it whole.

  5. Oh for goodness sake Mr Ecks; if the Yanks are lying Osama will pop up on Al Jazeera within weeks.

    He’s dead. You don’t want him alive and you don’t want his body anywhere were it could become a shrine.

  6. There’s front page pictures of the US president watching the raid on tv, I guess it is for real.

    It would require too much conspiracy for the photo of the president watching the assassination of OBL to in fact not be a photo of the president watching the assassination of OBL.

  7. My compliments to the chef, Mr Worstall.
    But are you sure the “long pig” is routinely on the menu at US forces bases?
    “I shot the cherif…
    But I did not shoot his deputy.”

    BTW, UBL was not stupid. He would have made posthumous videos every month for years to enhance his legend. One’ll be along in a minute.

  8. The really sad thing is that so many people seem to think that the killing of OBL (if it were really he) solves anything at all. If he was known to be living in a compund with out a telephone nor internet access, surely it was better to keep him there rather than re-light the al-Quaeda fuse? Not that the al-Quaeda fuse has ever shown any signs of going out during this long period of OBL’s inactivity. I just don’t understand the glee with which this news has been greeted. I think the reactions in Uzbekhistan and Turkmenistan were more on the money.

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