There\’s only one problem with this idea

Research suggests that there is a “causal link” between the dramatic rise in explicit images on the web and illegal real life behaviour.

Experts believe internet pornography is encouraging extreme sexual and violent fantasies because it allows like-minded individuals to reinforce and push each other to ever more deviant behaviour.

That problem being that while it\’s a nice thought it doesn\’t in fact explain the observable facts of this universe we happen to be living in.

Since porn became more generally available in the 70s rape has decreased by some 85% (US figures). It\’s even possible to see falling sex crime rates as the internet expands, as broadband rolls out to various places.

To be crude about it, the more people pleasure themselves to images the less energy they have to go and do things in real life.

Theories are all very well but they do have to survive impact with facts in order to continue being theories we should consider seriously.

7 thoughts on “There\’s only one problem with this idea”

  1. So what you’re saying is that feminists should be advocating free access to internet porn for all men, on the grounds it would reduce sexual assaults on women?

    Sounds good to me!!!

  2. it’s a seriously shite piece of “research” – based upon interviews with just one convicted paedphile.

    It’s about the sort of standard one expects nowadays from the Telegraph’s “science” staff.

  3. On the contrary, Pogo, it actually a quite interesting piece of academic research – I’ve got the full paper, btw – which is being badly oversold and misrepresented by the Telegraph.

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