Those Australian wags doing the subbing at the Telegraph

Christine Lagarde is in poll position. Having put her name forward last week,

Pole position, not poll.

Nothing to do with votes and polls, but most favourable position at the start of the race.

4 thoughts on “Those Australian wags doing the subbing at the Telegraph”

  1. I had assumed that it was a subtle suggestion that she was just a pretty parrot. If I’d known the buggers toibe Australian, I should have cast aside any notion of subtlety.

  2. I’m constantly amazed at the ignorance of subs these days. One that I have noted particularly in recent years is the confusion between ‘poured/pored’ as in “it poured with rain all night”/”he pored over the documents all night”. It’s frankly just bad breeding and I think we need to give these bloody useless Ockers the bum’s rush. Fucking gang of sheep thieves, the lot of ’em. And their beer is piss.

  3. Who says they’re Australians and not just ignorant?

    Tim adds: Because the Telegraph is subbed by an Australian company called Pagemasters.

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