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At the ASI.

Turns out that (Surprise!) it\’s economic then civil liberty that matters the most for economic development. Entitlements and government spending aren\’t really in the running: even counterproductive.

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  1. Giving people the opportunity to get on with their lives, create wealth and security for their loved ones (who are in my case a relatively reduced number of people). Then, look out towards a wider society. I find it easy to show solidarity with somebody who is trying hard to make a go of things and difficult with somebody who doesn’t even think they should try.

    Civil liberty and not tax collection and expenditure. Rocket science (at least over 200 years ago it might have been).

    As wealth is created, a little (a difficult word for politicians) can be collected to provide those essential (essential, a difficult word for a politician) services we want.

    What will Mr. Murphy make of this?

  2. The Pedant-General

    “that matters the most for economic development.”

    Ah, but you are making the fundamental assumption that economic development is what the lefties actually want.

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