Towel Day was yesterday

90% of the world will have no idea what peeps are going on about. The other 10% will, as in the comments here, be serving up some of the best comic scenes ever written.

The radio show was better than the TV one and possibly better than the novels. As for the movie…..yurk.

5 thoughts on “Towel Day was yesterday”

  1. It’s quite amazing how widespread some of Douglas Adams’s concepts have become…

    A few years ago I had a slight dispute with my bank (Nat West actually) because its computers had, for some reason known only to themselves, levied charges where none were due. I wrote them a polite letter explaining the problem, concluding with “… if we can’t get this sorted out, I will, in the paraphrased words of Zaphod Beeblebrox, ‘visit your computer centre with a large axe and give them a reprogramming they will never forget'”…

    A few days later I was amused/amazed to receive a reply which explained that “their computers were of Vogon manufacture and had, as was the tendency of that race, become needlessly overbearing and officious… Therefore, we have refunded the charges” – which they did, along with compensation, of £42. 🙂

    I still bank with them..

  2. Actually, I didn’t think the film was that bad, once I remembered the whole book != radio != tv thingy.

  3. None of this stiff is as good as anything by Robert Sheckley, to whom Adams owed everything, and than whom he had much less talent.

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