Welsh Lib Dem Twats disqualified from the Assembly

And their defence fails, badly.

Their defence being that ignorance of the law is a defence.

Nope, it ain\’t matey. If I by some appalling mischance find myself in Lllantrillichturdbuggery on a wet Monday night and breach some prissy little rule that your (ex—Har Har!) mates have passed into law to oppress the Principality, you know, like smiling or not kissing a sheep on the first date, then the fact that I am ignorant of what has been passed into law ain\’t a defence I can use.

And if I can\’t then nor can you.

Bye Bye now!

3 thoughts on “Welsh Lib Dem Twats disqualified from the Assembly”

  1. I thought it was common knowledge that an office of profit under the Crown debarred you from Parliament so they should have checked thoroughly but it does appear that one of the two LibDems was misinformed when checking by information provided by the Labour-Plaid Cymru Coalition. So some of the blame may be shared and the Conspiracy Theorists get another bone.

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