What a very confused argument from Mr. Cohen

If Cameron were a serious politician, he would order the government to provide emergency funding to maintain the very organisations he professes to admire. His willingness to stand aside suggests he is a dilettante who is happy to support the big society in theory, but not defend it in practice.


Someone who believes in Burke\’s little platoons, someone who believes that voluntary charity is better, both more effective and morally better, than tax funded compulsory aid, should therefore tax fund what he thinks is the less effective and moral option?


3 thoughts on “What a very confused argument from Mr. Cohen”

  1. Surreptitious Evil

    Because somebody has (some of) the same desired ends as me, the only way to attempt these is to follow the route that I think is most desirable.

    The endless rallying call of the well-meaning illiberal. Or is it authoritarian paternalist?

  2. “If Cameron were a serious politician…”

    A bit tricky to argue that the Prime Minister is not a serious politician.

  3. It’s the fact he is a serious politician that embodies the problem. Politicians being politicians lies at the heart of both the most behemoth and the most quotidian evils that beset us every day.

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