What a weird thing to complain about

There is a wider point. Barack Obama will this week visit a Europe where the Left is on the run. Its leading figures have sleepwalked to obliteration – or perp-walked, in the case of Dominique Strauss-Kahn – and their resurrection will be made harder by today’s magpie politics, in which the Right steals the traditional causes of the Left.

If your causes are being advanced who in hell cares who they are being advanced by? Isn\’t that what you atually went into politics to do, advance your causes?

Heck, I\’d vote for George Galloway if I thought it would mean the UK leaving the EU.

Or perhaps it\’s not actually the advancement of the cause but the advancement of the tribe that you think politics is about? What is done is less important than who is the Big Lasagne doing the doing?

In which case I spit upon you.

3 thoughts on “What a weird thing to complain about”

  1. Ah, Mary Ridell, the literary equivalent of the evil step-sister from the Xmas panto.
    Long held the opinion that her Telegraph column is the paper’s way of providing anger therapy to its readers. Weekly, 3-400 get to tear her to shreds in the comment section & feel so much better for the experience. Geoffrey Lean plays a similar male role on environmental issues.
    If either of them are in fact genuine, rather than the product of some clever comedy writers. then they prove the theory that to be of the left requires either skin of rhino thickness or a total inability to recognise criticism.

  2. Isn’t that what you atually went into politics to do, advance your causes?

    That’s what thee and me got into it for–we’re liberals. Others are far too attached to their tribe for anyones good.

    I’m persuading Tories to mutualise lots of things. Well, not just me. The NHS might get moved in the direction that Beveridge first proposed instead of the centralised mess that the Major gave us.

    We’re getting these things from people that haven’t a clue what they’re actually supporting. Fine. I want things done.

    If that means the party I joined as a vehicle in 2006 dies a death, that’s also fine, there’ll be other parties. If you and yours can win the war in your party to get rid of the idiot-racist tendency, there may end up being three nationally competing liberal-ish parties, possibly 4 if your idiots and Cameron’s idiots piss off at the same time…

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