What Arnie and Mildred \”Patty\” Baena tell us about class in America

Has Arnold Schwarzenegger\’s love-child scandal terminated his career for good?
The former California governor\’s secret affair has turned one of Hollywood\’s greatest success stories into a pariah figure, reports Nick Allen in Los Angeles

Infidelity among acting types or politicians is hardly unusual. Nor among Kennedys come to that.

So what is it that\’s made this quite such a scandal?

My guess is that it\’s because he was shagging the maid. Terribly declasse to be rogering the servants doncher \’no\’.

It\’s a rather Victorian reaction (the Georgians whould simply have made crude jokes about it all: wasn\’t it Palmerston (maybe Melbourne?) who was once caught rogering the parlourmaid on the billiards table?). And one that rather shows that class really isn\’t dead as an issue in the US yet.

If he\’d been caught shagging Megan Fox there would have been a lot of \”well, this sometimes happens in marriages you know\” but not this sort of outrage.

7 thoughts on “What Arnie and Mildred \”Patty\” Baena tell us about class in America”

  1. So Much For Subtlety

    It is more likely that he is screwed because he was screwing over his wife – who happened to be a Kennedy and hence Hollywood Royalty.

    They will forgive much, but not betraying one of their own. I suppose that is about class too. After all, you can marry your au pair, your secretary, your baby sitter, and no one gives a damn in Hollywood. Perhaps not even all three at once.

  2. Also probably doesn’t help that his wife is a well known member of the “virtuous matron” class. You know, while she was out saving the women of the world, he was shagging the parlour maid, kind of thing.

  3. You’ve got to admit though, the kid is the spitting image of Arnie.

    Good genes will out, but obviously breeding is a different matter than class.

  4. FFS dearieme, God love you and all, but the cloistered intellectual shtick won’t cut it when it comes to Megan Fox. She’s an absolutely world-class pump and don’t pretend you don’t know it. There are tribes in the Amazon jungle, thus far uncontaminated by civilisation, who worship her appearance in Maxim magazine as if she were a deity.

  5. Maids have the same body parts as the elite, It seems that some people do not know that. If a man closes his eyes, he could not tell the difference. Be serious! Men have placed their beautiful rich wives on the mantels and gone to whore houses, stepped over trash and paid dearly for a second pile of trash when they could have gotten the first pile free. Many women have slept with their butlers, chauffeurs, and yard boys for eons. Because some people think that the rich and fameous do not “play” with hired help, or are too good to do so, the rascals get away with “murder,” and their own houses are so convenient. This kind of sin is old and common. I ache for Maria. If we stop idolizing/worshipping people as if they are spotless gods, we won’t be shocked and angry when they prove that they are capable of committing adultry like anyone else. It is sad when this happens to anyone regardless of class.

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