Which generation is this then?

Harriet Walker: To my generation, Union Jack pashminas are still post-modern

Clearly I\’ve lived outside the UK for too long. I can\’t actually imagine a woman bright enough to string a sentence together caring one way or the other about pashminas, let alone which flag they\’re made of.

Has some generation after mine had a sense of proportion surgically removed or something?

2 thoughts on “Which generation is this then?”

  1. I think the problem here is that she seems to think “postmodern2 actually means something. And that she can speak for an entire generation, instead of just her small, blinkered and obviously over-educated posh social set.

    IIRC, I’m at the tail end of GenX, so she’s GenY, and I’m still not sure what that actually means, but I really don’t think everyone born between 1980 and 2000 thinks much, if at all, about pashmina union jacks. Other than “bloody expensive waste of money”.

  2. Heck, she gets paid for it. Who’s more daft – her for making a living from writing this drivel, or her employers for paying for it?

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