While I admire Peter Tatchell this just isn\’t on

\”The majority of homophobic attacks are never reported,\” says the gay-rights campaigner Peter Tatchell. \”Low-level assaults could easily be multiplying under the radar. It can be even worse for prominent gay figures like Philip. I myself have been attacked more than 300 times in the past 20 years. As a result, I suffer from permanent brain damage.\”

There may or may not be a rise in homophobic attacks: leave that to one side for a moment.

The thing is, we know you\’ve got permanent brain damage. You\’ve even told us how and where you got it. When you were beaten up by Mugabe\’s thugs when attempting a citizen\’s arrest upon him.

This is nothing to do with homophobia.

So don\’t use it as evidence of such: it demeans both you and the cause you claim to be fighting for.

2 thoughts on “While I admire Peter Tatchell this just isn\’t on”

  1. No mention of which section of the community is least enamoured by the “normalisation” of gayness.

    The other thing that is always missing is the fact that there are people on the streets who would not be there, if we didn’t have an approach to crime that said “oh poor dears, they just need more understanding”.

  2. Hi Tim,

    I never said things in the order quoted above. The journalist confused two different issues: the Mugabe and Moscow assaults on me and the homophobic assaults I have experienced. The former caused the brain injuries not the latter, as I explained to the reporter. He mixed and muddled separate quotes about these separate attacks. The lesson? Don’t necessarily believe what journalists write about me or others. Sometimes, even inadvertently, they get it wrong. The mix up was not my doing.

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