Why get angry?

An advertising campaign inviting married women to sign on to a website that will allow them to find men they can have affairs with has provoked an angry reaction in the Spanish capital Madrid.

They\’re only trying to populate the site so that men will be interested in trying it out.

Seriously, why get angry with someone trying to set things up so you can have a legover?

1 thought on “Why get angry?”

  1. Quote: “The company claims to have created the first dating website in Europe to target people who are married or already in a relationship.”…

    It’s amusing to see that the Grauniad is as good at fact-checking in this area as it is in many others.

    Thirty seconds with “Google” would have pointed out “illicitencounters.com” which has been doing precisely the same thing in the UK for some not-inconsiderable while.

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