Wind power won\’t work

I\’ll admit to laughing like a drain as I read this:

Meteorologists have found that the position of the jet stream has been influenced by the lower levels of activity on the Sun. This decline in sun-spot activity is expected to continue for the next 40 years, with potentially serious consequences for the viability of wind farms.

Professor Mike Lockwood, from Reading University, said: “Changes in the jet stream will change the pattern of winds that we get in the UK. That, of course, is a problem for wind power.

“You have to site your wind farms in the right place and if you site your wind farm in the wrong place then that will be a problem.”

Dr David Brayshaw, also from Reading’s Department of Meteorology, added: “If wind speed lowers, we can expect to generate less electricity from turbines – that\’s a no-brainer.”

For part of the debate over the whoel climate change thing, the very justification for the windmills, is that some say it\’s nothing to do with CO2, it\’s all about changes in solar activity. The CO2-istas say nonsense, and insist that we must cover the land with turbines.

But here we have the changes in solar activity coming in and insisting that even if it is the CO2, then the windmills still won\’t work: because of those changes in solar activity.

It\’s a rather dry laughter of course, given that we\’re spending £100 billion or whatever on this solution that won\’t work, but laughter all the same.

4 thoughts on “Wind power won\’t work”

  1. Oh Timmy you are silly to believe anything you read in the Torygraph. GW isn’t the sun, only the denialists say that, and I can dig up the references if you really care.

    Tim adds: Of course I know that GW isn’t the sun. But it does amuse that it might be the Sun which makes the current preferred solution to GW, windmills, not work.

  2. So Much For Subtlety

    William M. Connolley – “GW isn’t the sun, only the denialists say that, and I can dig up the references if you really care.”

    Dig up the references. It is not a question of fact. It is a question of likelihood. The sun is looking a much better bet than Greenhouse Gases.

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