Yup, Ignatieff blew it

As I said, Canadians just won\’t vote for someone who claims to be an American.

Elections Canada reported preliminary results on its website, giving the Conservatives 164 seats, which will mean a fixed four-year term of uninterrupted government for Harper.

\”It\’s stunning. We\’re elated,\” Conservative Jason Kenney said in an interview with CBC. \”We\’ll be a government for all Canadians.\”

Former colleagues of Harper say his long-term goals are to kill the image of the Liberals, the party of Jean Chrétien, Lester Pearson and Pierre Trudeau, as the natural party of government in Canada, and to redefine what it means to be Canadian.

Harper took a major step toward that on Monday night as the Liberals dropped to 35 seats from 77, according to the preliminary results.

4 thoughts on “Yup, Ignatieff blew it”

  1. It’s interesting that Canada has the same electoral system as us yet they are prone to much more dramatic realignments.

    The two dominant forces in 20th century canuck politics are the Liberals (now in 3rd) and the Progressive Conservatives who ended up as the minor partner in a merger with the Canadian Alliance.

  2. I am not sure Ignatieff had much to blow; he inherited (well, took over by a coup) a prty on the decline for years and last night simply confirmed the trend. The party has never really had a platform, and he lacked the charisma for an audience that did not depend on him grading them.

  3. From somewhere in New Jersey

    Sure the Liberals halved their seats, but did you see what happen to BQ?! I think they went from 49 to 4. I need to double check but I think as a result they’ve lost official party status.

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