A little test of the visual signs of class and housing

\"\"If I were presented with this picture and no further information, then asked, well, what type of housing do you think this man lives in, yes, my answer would be council housing.

We\’re only a gold sovereign ring (old style) or Burberry cap (new style) from full blown chavviness.

Harsh, yes, but class can indeed be seen in England.

And I would be right of course…..

14 thoughts on “A little test of the visual signs of class and housing”

  1. The rumour mill suggests that “Dear Ole Bob” (£94k base salary plus pension) now commutes from his subsidised council flat to his office in his union-provided BMW as he can’t deal with the amount of grief he was given on the Tube.

  2. Then there’s also the loping gait and the utterances punctuated by sniffs. And I don’t mean the dogs.

  3. I thought Chav denoted something more than merely from the lower classes. I know a people with sovereign rings who are finer individuals, I’d guess, than some of the ghouls that populate this site. How do the attitudes in this post and comment differ from sheer witless snobbery? Yes I know he is a fat cat union leader. It’s almost like you want to prove Owen’s point for him.

  4. Read Aditya Charrabortty’s stout defence of Crow in Guardian G2 today for doing more than anybody else in this country to stop the diminishing proportion of Brit GDP made up of wages “IMF staff say Bob Crow is good for capitalism” Even Henry Ford realised you had to pay people enough to buy your products.
    BTW according to Chakrabortty that dog is called Castro .

  5. I used to have a sufficiently neutral opinion to council house tenants that I bought an ex-council semi. Five neighbours stick in my mind;

    An old couple with a garden that shone with perfection.

    An old guy with no legs who would sit in his wheel-chair and chat to anyone who passed.

    An old lady who spent most of her time in the pub and only seemed come home to get robbed by distraction burglers.

    The family next door who disposed of a mattress by setting it on fire in the garden, scorching the mature tree that grew there so that it was still black and dead on one side years later. The mattress springs stayed there, too.

    Then there was the burly gentleman who came calling and actually used his sovereign ring to rap on my glass door.

    In the subsequent minutes I got a good close up of it as he pushed into my house and waved his mitt in my face ranting about some imagined infraction and how he, “Didn’t care about the law.”

    So, I’m happy to be a witless snob about bullet-headed, pit-bull-a-likey toting, shell-suit wearing people. I tried the other approach and didn’t like it.

  6. “sheer witless snobbery” ? While I would never hold people’s origins against them, I do hold their behaviour and taste against them. This is not snobbery, but rather being discerning and discriminating.

  7. “Even Henry Ford realised you had to pay people enough to buy your products.” Jesus Christ, you don’t believe that witless drivel do you?

  8. ” Even Henry Ford realised you had to pay people enough to buy your products.”

    I few seconds thought to any averagely intelligent person should be all that is needed to see the flaws in that ridiculous notion.

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