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A Murphmeister bit

Bankers’ Pay Rises 36%: Idiot Outraged

7 thoughts on “A Murphmeister bit”

  1. “Murphy bashing here (for he is also a Forbes blogger).”

    Well that lasted slightly less than a day.

  2. He must be gutted since his trumpeted, chest-puffing announcement that he was going to be blogging on Forbes. His posts are serious, non-amusing and, to be honest rather dull. Yours Tim are entertaining.

  3. My only worry is that a lot of the Yankees probably prefer “serious, non-amusing and, to be honest rather dull”.

  4. Richard: Yup. Almost every interaction I’ve had with American culture suggests that their sense of humour is hermetically sealed so that it can’t get anywhere.

  5. The Left want the “bonus culture” abolished/reduced and people paid a salary instead, which would presumably mean a one-off rise in salary.

    Do you think they would be unprincipled enough to exploit this with raging about greed, etc?

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