Amanda Marcotte speaks out!

No, we should be sceptical of this story chiefly because it fits a larger pattern of rightwing culture warriors ganging up and sexually harassing random young women after floating facetious insinuations about improper relationships between these women and Democratic politicians.

This from, recall, the woman who went to work for John Edwards\’ campaign.

Titter ye not.

5 thoughts on “Amanda Marcotte speaks out!”

  1. So Much For Subtlety

    I am sorry but this notorious half wit is claiming that the offense is pointing out that some Co-Ed got an unwanted, in so far as we can tell, picture of some guy’s erection and not in sending said Co-Ed the unasked for picture of some guy’s erection?

    Sometimes I used to think Dennis beat up on Amanda too much. But I begin to see his point. She really is a fool isn’t she?

  2. I was content when I understood “Amanda Marcotte” to be a flavour of ice cream. Why oh why did you disabuse me of this happy notion?

  3. Her contributions to the Duke Lacrosse Rape story should also permanently disbar her from being taken seriously – particularly when the issue is whipping up lynch mobs using lurid sex stories.

  4. Her contributions to the Duke story should have earned her a libel suit. Amongst all the vile invective heaped on these innocent young men, Marcotte’s writings were especially vitriolic. She’s disgusting low-life.

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