Andrew Simms really is a numpty

Yet, if the crisis of 2007-08 taught us one thing, it\’s that we need a more diverse banking system for stability, resilience and to work for people. That means more mutuals, co-ops and innovative, smaller local banks, not more risk-takers wanting to gamble unaccountably with other people\’s money.

Jeebus Simms!

Innovation equals risk taking!

\’Coz, you know, you dunno whether this new thing you\’re doing is going to work or not.

5 thoughts on “Andrew Simms really is a numpty”

  1. He probably means innovative in the Guardian sense.
    As in: “He is a successful innovative playwright….”

    Meaning; few actually pay to see his plays but with a large Arts Council grant he can afford a nice house in Hampstead.

  2. Innovative in this sense means “doing things that are different to how they are currently done, but only in a way that I agree with”

  3. a plain vanilla bank takes deposits and lends to risky ventures. how is that not gambling with other people’s money?

    And what does “unaccountable” mean?

  4. Luis: Accountability, in Simmsworld, almost certainly means, ‘They do what I, Andrew Simms, who know best for all people in all circumstances, tell them to do.’

    The irony, of course, is that not even Andrew Simms is accountable in the Simmsworld sense.

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