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AnnPettifor Ann Pettifor

Sign now to defend media diversity and independence. Say no to Fox News in the UK.

Eh? Banning a TV channel is defending media diversity?

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  1. Fox IS the least left–its journalists are split roughly 50-50, where other networks are all over 80% left. As far as political contributions go, though, FOX is, again, the least left–gives “only” about 92% to the Democrats. Also note that Rupert Murdoch personally threw
    Hillary’s “hat in the ring” party when she entered the Democratic primary.

    With O’Reilly, you do get “fair and balanced”
    (though he’s rather pompous and not nearly as bright as he thinks). He’s what would have been described not that long ago as a “conservative, working-class Democrat” (and I’d suspect he didn’t vote for Reagan even once), though he has probably switched by now.

    Murdoch’s genius was in recognizing that huge underserved audience that existed for center and right-of-center commentary; it was an easy fortune, just laying there for the taking.

  2. She seems to have got a bit confused.

    Rather than anything to do with Fox News – which already broadcasts to the UK by satellite, it is actually a petition to stop News Corp buying the remainder of BSkyB that they do not already own.

    Either way one assumes that the wholly owned Fox News will continue to broadcast.

  3. The people who complain most about “media concentration” never seem to have a problem with the 800-pound gorillas of the state-imprimatur media like the BBC (or its equivalents in other countries).

  4. Tim, Tim, you’re hitting her with that male fascist logic thing again.

    Don’t you realise, it’s not what she says, or the facts, that are important; just how she feels.

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