Apparently I get to shag Katie Middleton

Worstall should be King.

Or would it be Camilla?

Thing is, I know damn well which Duchess I\’d rather have a meal, drink and a chat with and at my time of life that takes up much more time…..possibly even interest.

6 thoughts on “Apparently I get to shag Katie Middleton”

  1. Join the back of the queue.

    Not because of me, mind you.

    Half of europe is ahead of you Tim, although the Spanish press were particularly underwhelmed when she came through Madrid recently.

    A case of photogenia.

  2. “…his usual sweet reasonableness in contrast to the monomaniacs and rent-seekers who seem to be taking over the politics of the entire fucking world. On economics, the Worstall mind is gloriously clear. His wit is lipsmacking, his brevity exemplary, his arguments invincible.”

    Insert ‘most often’ before invincible, and I’d agree!

  3. Kate’s nearly thirty. I find by that age they’ve matured enough to be worth talking to afterwards (and before, and during even.)

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