Awesome people hanging out together

OK, so it\’s the blog that The Guardian tells us we should all look at.

And there are indeed some interesting juxtapositions:

Salvador Dali & Walt Disney

There are some others that are a great deal less surprising.

David Bowie, Iggy Pop and Lou Reed, 1972

Bowie and Iggy were long time friends and collaborators and Bowie wrote/played on/produced a good ly chunk of Lou\’s one good album, so having all three in one photo isn\’t all that much of a surprise.

Freddie Mercury and Elton John

Fun photo but hardly surprising.

1 thought on “Awesome people hanging out together”

  1. Freddy Mercury and Elton John – reminds me of the old joke…

    Q. What do Elton John and a thermometer have in common?

    A: they’ve both got a blob of mercury in the bottom.

    I’ll get me coat.

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