Bath\’s a great town, Aarr

I took an elderly relative out for the afternoon to Bristol, and on the way in this morning thought I\’d call in at the shops in Bath. It was chucking it down.

The centre of town gave the impression that a massive wet t-shirt competition had just finished – most impressive. Turned out to be Race For Life day.

3 thoughts on “Bath\’s a great town, Aarr”

  1. It pissed down in Bath continuously from 6am when I woke up to 6pm when it eased off. Not even a smorgasbord of tits is enough to get me out in weather like that

  2. Flatcap:

    I wouldn’t have thought I’d go out in weather like that either–not until the part about that smorgasbord. Wasn’t no hail, were there?

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