In my opinion this man should be shot.

Pour encourager les autres, as we used to do with Admirals.

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  1. I’m not even sure the farmer committed an offence. It is not illegal to cut a sports field with a tractor using red diesel. It is illegal to drive said tractor along the public highway with the intention of then doing some work that is not agricultural, horticultural or forestry related. The BBC article did not say whether the farmer drove on the road to get to the sports ground. If he did, he was committing an offence. But that was not specified by the HMRC goon.

  2. Well, this is why I rave so much against the whole Progressive idea of targeting taxes and Pigovian this and that and subsidies here and there and everywhere.

    The State needs to collect revenue; okay, fair enough. But there ought to be something written into some Constitution somewhere that taxes must be applied without favour. If you want a sales tax, fine, but levy it equally on everything. No special duties on this and that. Just, a tax on every sale.

    If you want an income tax fine, tax everyone the same, no matter how they made their money- as an employee or as a profit or as a rent or any other made up Ricardian distinctions.

    It’s no use hating the enforcers. Once you’ve got a ridiculously complex tax code made by generations of Parliaments fiddling with this and fiddling with that and buying votes from some people and having a go at others, this kind of thing is inevitable. It’s the system, not the man. The apparatus, not the apparatchiks. If somebody breaks the law doing what somebody else considers a “good work” they are still breaking the law.

    Shoot the people who wrote the tax code. But if you’re in favour of targeting tax, and so far as I can tell Tim Worstall very much is, then don’t complain about the system you end up with.

  3. have you noticed how these crunts are always “Bob” or “Mike” or “Dave”, never Robert, Michael or David?

  4. A decrease in civil servants applying rules dogmatically, and instead being allowed to apply some discrestion, always and everywhere increases the scope for corruption.

    Life is all about trade-offs, it’s worth remembering the one here.

  5. “A decrease in civil servants applying rules dogmatically, and instead being allowed to apply some discrestion, always and everywhere increases the scope for corruption.”

    He has a point! Hahahaha.

  6. From the guys over at HMRCISSHITE:

    This is a stupid story. I don’t even work for Customs but As a farmer the person knows should at least should be aware that tending the local football pitch is not considered as farming and that this is what Red Diesel is for, but instead of admitting his mistake, he is moaning to the media and his MP when he was caught red handed (excuse the pun).

    His MP has the power to make amendments to the law by introducing bills but probably won’t bother because it’s easier for him to provide soundbites à la this moron (who is also a member of the larger party that pretends to govern this country) as he probably secretly knows that it’s not in his interest (read ‘career’) to introduce such legislation.

    If the police had been there it would have been worse. The police very rarely only issue a ‘warning’ when it is beyond reasonable doubt in the opinion of the officer that an offence has been committed. Chances are he would have been arrested and prosecuted.

    And they think that going on strike is going to be a problem for the public.

    Don’t shoot the messenger?
    Ha Ha Ha.

  7. Read HMRC advice note 75 ( which covers the use of red diesel and exemptions.

    It specifically states (section 8.3) that tractors must only use red diesel ON THE ROAD when travelling on agricultural business. It does not say that you may not use a tractor to do non agricultural work on private land using red diesel. The crime (if one was committed) was driving on a public highway while using red diesel without a legal exemption. Just the same as if you or I put red diesel in our cars and got caught. It is not illegal to cut sports fields using red diesel, and I wish the HMRC spokesman would admit as much, unless of course he doesn’t actually know his own rules.

    Given the farmer in question was not stopped on the road, but detained on the sports ground, I would question whether HMRC had the evidence to prove he had used the public highway, if he denied he had.

  8. Further evidence if such were needed that HMRC should be disbanded overnight.

    You commenter above is bang on – a totally simplified tax code – flat income tax at say 20% and a single personal allowance, transferable for married couples, and a locally levied sales tax with no exceptions and no special rules.

    A tax code of maximum say 20 pages.

    The amount of cost that would be saved and talent that would be released (because all the clever people currently writing the tax code and even more, and much cleverer people finding ways to avoid it quite apart from corporate reporting) would single handedly puch up GDP growth by a percentage point at least…

    It just takes a leader with guts, so that’s us fucked then.

  9. No Julia, don’t drown him in red diesel, turn him INTO red diesel. After all, the Germans are turning roadkill carcasses into biofuel…..

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