Boris, the Greeks won\’t like you saying this

Long memories in that part of the world you know:

All we need is for Athens to sack a few thousand more public sector workers, lop a few billions more off their pensions, chop more benefits, collect more taxes, and perhaps the problem will go away. If the Greeks would only change their national character, and suddenly discover a Scandinavian faith in government combined with German habits of industry and thrift – then, or so we are told, the catastrophe could be averted.

While it\’s all true, Boris\’ granpa was an Ottoman official, a Turk in the eyes of many.

They won\’t like that at all.

7 thoughts on “Boris, the Greeks won\’t like you saying this”

  1. Well he is right, in that the Greeks have managed to run a large budget deficit for at least the last 10 years, and probably further back than that too. And they can’t even claim economic stagnation as an excuse, GBP rose over 150% in the same period, so there would have been rising tax revenue.

    Ironically all the protesting and rioting is actually trying to get the profligacy to continue, which it can’t, whatever happens. If they stay in the euro, their debts are unsustainable, they will default, then people won’t lend you money and you HAVE to live within your means. If they leave the euro and default, a) everyone loses purchasing power, and b) people still won’t lend them more money so they still have to cut spending, tho the devaluation might spread the pain a bit.

    Whatever happens the pain isn’t going away, unless the Germans decide to permanently subsidise the Greeks, much as (say) the South East of England subsidises the North East.

  2. Yup, dearieme, he was. I think Boris should adopt a fez and stripy pantaloons in solidarity with his late forefather. Anyway, the Bubbles can get tae fuck. They’ve lived high on the hog these last ten years. Now it’s time the whole sorry bunch understand Mr. Micawber’s homily on fiscal continence.

  3. I am pretty sure they’ve never heard of him. And while I am with David Gillies on the subject of fiscal continence, we are in the glassiest of glass houses for the throwing of fiscal stones.

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