Cath Elliott discovers that the internet is actually made up of people

Not to be nasty or anything but you\’d think that a woman who has made it to middle age would have worked this out by now:

Of course there have been some cynical comments in among all the messages of support, but the overwhelming response has been wonderful, and has shown the internet at its very best. It\’s shown that while sometimes the online world really can be a cesspit, it can also be a truly inspiring place, with people coming together from all over, united in a desire to actually do something good.

And it\’s this positive side of the internet that keeps me coming back, that means no matter how much abuse I receive from the trolls and the knuckle draggers, I\’m not ready to give up on the online world just yet. Because in my albeit quite limited experience, the good far outweighs the bad, and for every example of internet abuse there are a dozen more examples of where the internet has come into its own.

Well yes, obviously.

For the people at the other end of the intertubes are indeed just people. The usual mixture, the occasional saint, a few more devils and the vast majority containing the usual mixture of the two, that mixture varying with personal mood, blood sugar, time of the day, month, who\’s been laid recently, by whom, and the length of time since the last really good shit.

You know, humanity?

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