Columbite and tantalite from Madagascar

I\’m looking for the people who mine/export columbite and tantalite from Madagascar.

This post is something of a hope: maybe someone will find it via Google, someone who is in that industry.

If you are one of those people that either mines or exports the two minerals, columbite and tantalite, from Madagascar, then could you please contact me at timworstall \”AT\” gmail. com?

Even if you\’re an importer or processor of it I\’d like to talk to you.

The reason is that Madasgascan columbite and tantalite are said to be, in the literature, rich in another metal, scandium. I would be interested in talking to people who can confirm or deny this. Further, if it\’s true, in looking at organising a method of extraction of that Sc.

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  1. Hello,
    I just see your anonce, if you really interest a columbite from Madagascar, you can contact me on my email

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