Daily Mail Fail: Yorkshire now in Cumbria

\"\"Its stunning location in the Yorkshire Dales,

13 thoughts on “Daily Mail Fail: Yorkshire now in Cumbria”

  1. Er, it’s in the Yorkshire Dales National Park. And it’s also in the historic county of Yorkshire.

    Tim adds: Yeees, and they’ve just very carefully drawn a map of Cumbria for us……

    Don’t forget, these are the people who invented a whole new state for Australia recently.

  2. “Don’t forget, these are the people who invented a whole new state for Australia recently.”

    What was that about? Did they track down who did that?

  3. Yeah, tim, with Curmudgeon here, it’s in the Dales, they say it’s in the Dales, but they also show where it is legally, which is now in Cumbria. Yorkshire Dales – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    The Yorkshire Dales is the name given to an upland area in Northern England.

    The area lies within the historic county boundaries of Yorkshire, though it spans the ceremonial counties of North Yorkshire, West Yorkshire and Cumbria. Most of the area falls within the Yorkshire Dales National Park

    Sedbergh was in the West Riding but apparantly we got rid of it in favour of some nicer bits, like The Area Around Todmorden, which is so special it has its own designation under planning law (and I gave up trying to get my head around it awhile back).

  4. Curmudgeon: it’s not in Yorkshire at all in any sense, any more than Dublin is in the UK or Gdansk in Germany – it is ceremonially and administratively in Cumbria. It *is* in the Yorkshire Dales National Park.

  5. Find their one about the airship crash in Germany last week. Their map showed Friedberg near Munich, it actually happened at Friedberg near Frankfurt. Easy mistake to make for “Daily Mail Reporter”.

  6. “Frankfurt am Main” (AKA “Frankfurt”) and “Frankfurt an der Oder” must make their poor little heads spin.

  7. Overheard in the Sedburgh fish and chip shop: ‘The bureaucrats in London may think they have moved us into Cumbria but as far as Sedbergh people are concerned this is still the West Riding of Yorkshire and always bloody well will be. And we fry our fish and chips the Yorkshire way, in beef dripping.’

  8. Quite possibly, but they’re just as wrong as some deluded expat in Hong Kong believing he still lives in an outpost of the British empire.

  9. Since there are plans afoot to extend the Yorkshire Dales and the Lake District to meet at Shap (so you can go from coast to somewhere on the wrong side of the Pennines across national park), I think we can safely assume that the Yorkshire Dales is a label of convenience. Especially since Carsdale is a feeder of Lonsdale – which is in Westmorland and Lancashire…

  10. @ johnb
    Dublin has *never* been in the “United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland”
    It was once in the British Empire.

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