Even the Guardian commentators are getting it about solar PV

So, this bird:

Leonie Greene is head of external affairs at the Renewable Energy Association and the Solar Trade Association

Comes along and says that the government are very naughty boys and girls for changing the feed in tariffs for solar.

In the comments:

As a matter of fact I am feeling a pang of regret at piling in. I think small scale solar could develop to fill a useful role. However given that \” Prices dropped around 25% last year alone\”, why spend the taxpayers\’ money – if the trend to lower prices as technology improves continues, we won\’t need to, and if the trend doesn\’t continue, we shouldn\’t.


\”Solar energy has to be allowed to compete directly with fossil fuels and new nuclear\”

It does, and it\’s more expensive, that\’s why it doesn\’t get used, when it can compete, then it will get used. That\’s the point! No amount of consiparcy threorising will change that – sorry!

2 thoughts on “Even the Guardian commentators are getting it about solar PV”

  1. The 2nd comment was mine and you’re very kind Mr W. – but I’d rather not be described as a Guardian commentator, “occasional troll” is probably closer to the mark…hehehe!

  2. Seems to me that investing in solar PV now is like investing in Intel’s latest i7: obsolete and cost-ineffective in 18 months (except that with PV we won’t have had any fun playing CoD in the meantime).

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