Explaining the difference between the new and the old universities

This is something that puzzles many.

What is the difference between one of the old universities and one of the new?

So, as a guide to the upcoming UCCA season, an example for you.

My home town of Bath has two universities. Bath University and Bath Spa University.

The former has been around for, ooh, decades now and the latter was plugged together out of the Art College, the Teacher Training College* and perhaps another little bit or two of educational detritus they had lying around.

To give you a small look at the difference in what they teach, the types of students they get, the University of Bath does research into cell biology.

Bath Spa University does:

THIS dress looks absolutely grate – as it is made entirely from CHEESE.

Students at Bath Spa University heat-moulded and sculpted a tonne of the dairy product to create the \”Versa-cheese\” gear, including \”Jimmy Cheese\” shoes.

The bizarre range, inspired by Lady GaGa\’s \”famous meat ensemble\”, could even be a hit with more mature ladies.

As you can see, the student bodies quite neatly divide into those who would study the details, the mitochondria etc, of how we eat and those who think that you wear rather than eat food.


* Also known as the girlfriend farm**.

** Not to be confused with the not girlfriend farm*** which was the student nurses\’ lodgings.

*** The difference is obvious and well known to any Englishman. But to explain for foreigners and women, think of the difference as being first date third base or third date first base.

7 thoughts on “Explaining the difference between the new and the old universities”

  1. I’m currently reading for a Postgraduate degree in Mathematics at the University of Bath, after the 4-year Masters I did there.
    I have to say the difference between the two universities in both subjects and standards is often made fun of by Bath students, who just can’t understand why you’d pay so much to learn so little at Bath Spa.

  2. Off topic, is there a problem with your site. I find its very slow to load and currently only the top couple of items are coming up. I tried accessing the site with explorer and firefox, same problem show up.

  3. Hmm, oddly enough the local student nurses’ lodgings are known as the Pussy Palace but I’ve never heard anything about the teaching students. It must be those cultural differences I’ve heard about.

  4. Eddy, same problem here. Plus it keeps crashing when trying to go to comments.

    Is Tim getting too popular for his bandwidth?

  5. Bruce B. Bogtrotter

    Bath vs. Bath Spa? Try Oxford vs. Oxford Brookes : Bright and overworked vs. posh and riding on our good name (an argument made by both sides).

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