Gove, unions, teachers and strikes

Mary Bousted, the head of the normally moderate Association of Teachers and Lecturers (ATL), told the Guardian: \”I think the threat to get parents to cover teachers is just ludicrous, the idea that children can usefully spend time in school being baby-sat ups the ante even more. This is inflammatory and it is inept. Michael Gove\’s intervention is further evidence of ineptitude and cack-handedness.

So, if the people we pay to look after our children in the day refuse to look after our children in the day then it\’s naughty of us to look after our children in the day?


Who, other than us, can look after our children in the day if the people we pay to do so bunk off?

9 thoughts on “Gove, unions, teachers and strikes”

  1. Will every striking teacher have to provide a note from their parents saying why they were off school that day?

  2. I think it’s beginning to dawn on these idiots that they won’t be missed half as much as they think they will be. Perhaps the parents could teach the kidz something useful while they’re in there?

  3. Saw Mary Bousted on BBC breakfast this morning, she didn’t come across well.

    Kept arguing that the government wouldn’t tell her what the size of the pension pot was during the negotiations. Unfortunately no one pulled her up on this and told her there is no pot for public sector pensions.

    Couldn’t answer the question from the woman who presented the other side of the coin which is if it was ethical to leave children in the lurch. She kept saying that its a higher priority to ensure that teachers are well looked after.

    Sorry, I know teachers have a crap job but it’s not helped when unions are more interested in their pilgrims and getting everyone out on strike for vacuous reasons rather look after the working conditions – like teachers not having authority to discipline children, being undermind by management, having to follow the latest government silly curriculum.

  4. Where do these morons think the children will be if not in a classroom? I’m no expert but I’d guess they will be at home, or collected in bundles in a variety of homes.

    And the harm of them all being babysat together in a classroom as opposed to individually or in smaller groups in living rooms is …?

  5. It’s a bit depressing that neither Gove nor Bousted know the law.

    Any parent would have to have been CRB checked before they can look after children in a school. (I think both Gove and Bousted are talking about parents in schools as opposed to small parties at various parents houses.)

    Most parents work, so they are mostly pissed at the strike because they have to make other arrangements.

    And finally, as a parent of three, the idea of being within a mile of 34 screaming kids gives me the heebee jeebees.

    No, this is Gove doing what politicians do best when in a negotiating position. Don’t try and resolve the problem, just posture, pose and take the piss.

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