He must be able to aim well then

A prisoner has been allowed to father a child from behind bars

5 thoughts on “He must be able to aim well then”

  1. Yey another stretch of the original concept of ‘human rights’, taking it to ludicrous extremes…

    Do they ever wonder, when they fight these battles, that they might be sowing the seeds of destruction for the whole concept of human rights? Do they care?

  2. So Much For Subtlety

    A female prison official has just killed herself after shaking up with a prisoner. Who stole all her money. I bet that came as a surprise.

    They don’t need to be out to get some.

  3. This is ludicrous.

    The ECHR works within our laws not above them. If it is article 8 they have argued this under I don’t see anything in the brief wording of it that supports the contention that we are entitled to start a family regardless of our circumstances. If you’re not physically capable of it because you are in prison then tough titty.

    Why is it not against a prisoner’s human rights to incarcerate them but it seemingly is against their rights to make them face one of the consequences of their incarceration?

    This is similar to the prisoner voting mess and looks a lot like HM Government’s legal representation are shit at their job.

  4. “…and looks a lot like HM Government’s legal representation are shit at their job.”

    Or, that’s their own desired outcome?

    Internal sabotage, or incompetence?

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