How long\’s the working week?

Alexander says those earning less than £15,000 will be protected from paying more. This is less than the equivalent of £7.60 an hour and covers just 4% of civil servants.

At a 37.5 hour working week, which I\’ve been told is standard, that\’s £7.69 an hour.

And it was a good little lefty who told me that 37.5 hours is tandard too. I was told I had to use that when calculating minimum wage earnings for example.

But there\’s another point here as well. Only 4% of civil servants are on less than £15,000?

Cut all of their pay, quickly!

2 thoughts on “How long\’s the working week?”

  1. What qualifications do the lowest levels of civil servants need? And what are their responsibilities?

    If they are low-level secretaries, then fair enough. If they’re graduates, then not so much.

  2. Alexander is a liar. 20% of civil servants are on £15000 or less PA. On several occassions the scum of the senior civil service have had to authorise emergency pay rises to stop a small number of staff at the low end from putting the state in contravention of its own minimum wage laws.

    The work is not brain surgery but because of the byzantine systems neither is it something you can do in your sleep.
    The fact that there are too many public employees is down to the political scum (Brown mainly) boosting the payroll to fiddle dole figures.
    The majority in the public sector are ordinary folk who took the best job they could get, often in areas with few jobs left. They average civil servant is as politically naive (or dumb, your choice) as the rest of the mugs in this country. They do not burn with any desire to impose either socialism or jobsworth tyranny on the rest of us. Like the Germans, they are only obeying orders.That does not excuse them morally but nor should it make them front-line targets, given the milieu in which we live.
    If you want a crew who deserve genuine hatred and retaliation I give you the Senior Civil Service (all two hundred and thirty+ thousand of them) and their political masters-although it is increasingly unclear who are the farmers and who are the pigs. As Julia says in 1984 (about the members of the Inner Party) “There’s nothing those swine don’t have, nothing”. Here are the privledged, pampered garbage who live what the Daily Fail would have you believe is the life-style of ALL public employees. Their wages and pensions are huge. They attend endless,pointless (but expensively catered)meetings. They are arrogant and malicious, both towards those who work under their orders and to the public who pay their lavish wages. Yet, in all the venom sprayed towards ordinary civil servants none of the journos bother to mention that the SCS dross, like the politicals, are being exempted from the changes in pensions and conditions that they are trying to force on others.
    CS pensions are often called “gold-plated” by those same moronic journos. Quite against their intention the hacks are correct. Gold-plating is where you take something worth very little and cover it with a thin veneer of value to try and pass it off as more than it is. I have a friend who has retired from the CS after 40 years. His pension will be £1000 a month less tax. That is hardly a King’s Ransom. His final years wage was £24000, after forty years of struggling to get promotion while watching crawlers, arse-kissers and yes-creatures being advanced by their own kind. Some of that trash are now members of the SCS. One turd who started off locally as a teenager is now the official “Leader” of a particularly disasterous govt dept.My friend spoke his mind and that is why his working life was made a struggle.
    The pensions and redundancy compensation agreements they have where agreed in the 1980s and were good enough for Margaret Thatcher. The fact that the state has run its finances into the ground is not the fault of the workforce.
    The pensions/conditions they have are the result of contracts signed. What would you do Tim, if you had a contract and had done your bit and the other party came along and said”Dreadful sorry Timbo but I’ve pissed all me money up against the wall and I owe all over town so I’m only paying ya 10p in the pound. Take it or leave it”. Would that be alright with you?.
    The guy does have a way to get out of the contract within the law and that is to declare himself bankrupt. So, if the state wants to slash the pensions,conditions and jobs of CS staff, all they have to do is declare said state to be bankrupt, which is pretty much the truth. Job done.Of course that would have all sorts of bad consequences for the political scum/SCS etc so instead they will try to cheat. Altho’ they kept faith with the bankers whose contracts were preserved by Brown’s actions–and they were right to do so. When it comes to the plebs of course it is another story.

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