How to milk an almond

Fun looking book from David Friedman.

Explanation here and download here.

Some of the Moorish/Iberian techniques and combinations, if not the actual recipes, look familiar from the modern day Algarve.

For those seriously into cooking could be fun to try out a dish or two.

4 thoughts on “How to milk an almond”

  1. Milking Almonds, not as jokie as you may think.

    Dry cure solution for Gravlax

    2oz’s salt, 2oz’s sugar, 2oz’s almonds, all whized in a blender.

    then follow normal Gravlax preperation.

    Hmmm, looks like my fishmonger will be getting a visit in the morning

  2. Harrumph. I’ve just tried and failed to logon to comment at your Forbes blog. What chumps these people must be.

  3. I’m sorry, but milking an almond really ought to be a euphemism for some utterly mad sexual practice probably involving electric shocks. Using it to describe a legitimate culinary technique is a criminal waste of a good innuendo (“in whose endo?”, “ooer missus”, etc., copyright Talbot Rothwell 1973).

    As for the Forbes site, how ugly is that? Huge black and blue text in serif fonts? I was building better-looking web sites for Netscape Navigator 1.0 fifteen years ago. They either need to sack their graphic designers or get round to hiring some.

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