With a stroke, DECC has undermined the competitiveness of the UK solar industry in the export market.

How for fuck\’s sake?

The UK doesn\’t have any silicon fabs, never will do.

We don\’t friggin\’ make solar cells, we\’re never going to, so how can anything any government do bugger up the export market for something we don\’t and never will make?

3 thoughts on “How?”

  1. The Last Ginslinger

    Well given that they have fairly comprehensively screwed everything else I would hate for somebody to feel left out.

  2. Reading onwards-

    Its prime aim is to encourage awareness amongst the general public of the need to save energy and the importance of renewable energy rather than cost-effectively tackle climate change. Putting solar panels on lots of homes is seen as the best way to do this.

    Apparently the solar panels are just billboard ads for behaviour change, then.

    Wouldn’t it be more efficient to make cheap plastic fake ones and give them to people to put on their houses, or something?

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