Hugh Bonneville article spotted

As the Mail ponted out, Hugh Bonneville is so uxorious as to be known as the Ryan Giggs of the thespian world.

So it\’s with great interest that we follow the interesting stories about this great actor through the press.

The actor, who has become a family favourite for his role in the 1910s costume drama, is understood to be up for election to the committee of the exclusive London gentlemen’s club. …..(The Garrick this is)…..One member described the divisions over Bonneville’s candidature for the committee as “baffling” adding that it was “still a very old fashioned place”……..

Quite why there should be any division isn\’t certain. Although, given the Garrick\’s reputation, it might be the quite outrageous rumour floating around that Bonneville really is heterosexual.

4 thoughts on “Hugh Bonneville article spotted”

  1. As I was reading this post, an ad on the sidebar showed a video of another famous actor, Martin Kemp, appearing to endorse Bernard Matthews products. Mr. Matthews, the most prodigious turkey-slaughterer our isles have ever produced, has recently gone to the great Christmas dinner in the sky. One wonders how many other careers might soon be set fair to go the same way.

    Can you imagine how an established actor must crap themself at the though that their next gig might be a guest appearance on ‘Doctors’ in 2017, and that between now and then it’s the call-centre?

    En passant, and with hee-haw to do with the subject of this post, have I ever mentioned my belief that holders of super-injunctions must be classed as being entirely without personal honour, for having stayed silent and allowed Gabby Logan’s name to be dragged through the mud?

  2. Various articles about the most trivial details of Hugh Bonneville’s activities keep appearing in the pages of national newspapers (for example him launching a new cruise liner with Shirley Bassey or the trivia of his activities at the Garrick club).

    The only reason for this is that the UK press have decided that Mr. Bonneville is a target for mockery.

    One wonders what on earth he might have done to upset them?

    Maybe he should tell them to shove their newspapers up their collective fat arses?

    I’d pay good money to watch that. Certainly worth £195 of anyones money.

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