I do love these reports of cyber attacks

OK, so it\’s the IMF this time. But a report on a cyber attack follows a standard a set patterm

Organisation X has been hit by a cyber attack/phishing attempt/hacked.

Organisation X has information that could be used to do Y.

Then the fun bit:

Mohan Koo, a cyber security specialist who is managing director of Dtex Systems (UK) said that a recent spate of attacks on large global organisations showed that hacking was carefully planned rather than opportunistic.

\”Perhaps most frightening of all is the fact that these type of attacks could quite easily be directed towards Critical National Infrastructure (CNI) organisations, for example energy and water, where the impact of such a breach would have severe, immediate and potentially life-threatening consequences for everyday citizens.\”

Yup, the penultimate bit before the concluding paragraph is always a security expert being given a chance to advertise their wares by frightening the shit out of us by insisting that if Organisation X has been hacked then think how appalling it would be if Organisation (s) A (B and C) was (were).

So phone Dtex Systems (some random anti-virus software company) right now folks!

1 thought on “I do love these reports of cyber attacks”

  1. Surreptitious Evil

    Not even as useful as an AV company. It’s snooping and policy enforcement software. 20 years in the industry and I’ve never heard of this guy, his company or his product.

    Doesn’t make it bad, just makes it slightly suspicious!

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