Larry Elliott\’s solution to the triple crunch

Larry Elliott describes the \”triple crunch\”.

Climate change, expensive oil/energy and the imbalance in the UK\’s economy. His solution?

Choice three: bring human ingenuity to bear by investing heavily in new forms of low-carbon green growth while at the same time negotiating a binding global climate change deal. Tough, expensive, and open to the objection that green growth is pie in the sky.

Well, OK, I\’m with the first five words of that answer.

For it\’s the answer to everything. So, how do we do this?

Bureaucrats in Whitehall setting tractor production targets? No, I think not, eh?

How about a bonfire of red tape, so that entrepreneurs can have more room to experiment to find solutions? How about lower taxes, so that money might usefully fructify in such schemes?

Eh, what was that? You don\’t actually trust humans to be ingenious?

Bit of a problem with trying to bring human ingenuity to bear really……

4 thoughts on “Larry Elliott\’s solution to the triple crunch”

  1. Was not red tape created because all to many humans would rather cheat and lie for profit rather than strive and create for profit.

  2. John:

    That’s what the red tapesters (and even the Reds who aren’t tapesters) would have everyone believe.

  3. John is correct, those who would rather cheat and lie for a living created red tape so that they didn’t have to compete with better evolved competitors.

  4. I always love the fact that the solution to the risk of $300 per barrel oil at some point in the future is to invest in energy that costs ~$500 per barrel today.

    We have the solution, its called natural gas, and the French have already banned it.

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