My word, this is a surprise

A new Tax and Financial Transparency Bill to recover billions of pounds of lost tax, by forcing companies to be more transparent in their accounting, is on the agenda for debate in Parliament on Friday (10 June).

The Bill, launched by the MP Caroline Lucas in March this year,


Tax Research UK estimate


The PCS Union today issued a statement saying they also backed the bill.

My word.

Tax Research UK is Richard Murphy, Richard Murphy works for Caroline Lucas and PCS.

Thre\’s nothing actually independent about any of this.

8 thoughts on “My word, this is a surprise”

  1. So Richard J Murphy is a whole army of clones.


    Alan Douglas

  2. There’s nothing “independent” about anything in Anglo-model politics. “Independent” as a description of a person in the political sense means, “a crony”.

    As in, “this should not be a political football, so we will have it decided by an independent board” actually means, “we need this as far from the democratic process as possible, so we’re going to hand responsibility to some unaccountable cronies”.

    Anyway, a useful rule to improve parliamentary democracy: any representative who has any contact whatsoever with charities, pressure groups or NGOs should be found guilty of treason, and be publicly beheaded. Also, anyone who ever talks to Will Hutton. Ever. Even by accident.

  3. The Pedant-General


    Because the tax gap trumpeted by the Murphmeister is complete b*ll*cks.

    He specifically includes within his gap – which he would like to call evasion and therefore punishable by throwing the Directors in jail – all the things that are included as allowable specifically by Parliament when it drafts the tax law. i.e. is the whole sodding point.

    If the gap were really as large as he says, it wouldn’t be there, because the auditors would also fail to pass the accounts. You really have no conception of how anything actually works in the real world do you?

    [/troll feeding]

  4. But surely auditors are shit, yeah?

    I mean, what’s gone on that auditors should have picked up?

    Hmmm let’s see, where do I start, auditors, hmmm….I can’t think of a single case where they’ve failed…hmmm….

    You imbecile

  5. Well, I know lots of cases where auditors have failed – very few of them involved an *under*payment of tax.
    Murphmeister may not have noticed that in the west the price of shares exceeds one year’s profits so a crook gets more out of overstating profits and selling out than understating them.

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