My word this is a surprise

Adml Sir Mark Stanhope said the campaign would have been more effective without the Government\’s defence cuts.

The aircraft carrier and the Harrier jump-jets scrapped under last year\’s strategic defence review would have made the mission more effective, faster and cheaper, he said.

Running an air power campaign from sea to shore is easier if you\’ve got aircraft carriers that can run a sea to shore air campaign.

Who would have thought it?

6 thoughts on “My word this is a surprise”

  1. So Much For Subtlety

    You have to laugh at the stupidity of the Coalition when it fell for the MoD’s “let’s get involved” line or if that is not what happened, then despair at their stupidity in cancelling Britain’s Armed Forces only to find they needed them to make some pretty headlines.

    Myself, I hope that Cameron was outwitted by the Mandarins in the Defence Establishment rather than thinking he is really that dumb.

  2. I would have thought that one of the few pieces of kit that we will always needs is Aircraft carriers and their planes. They are convenient transportable war platforms, suited for all manner of conflicts around the world. Funny that they should be first to be scrapped.

  3. What have I overlooked?

    Thatcher – no war of aggression, one war of response (vs invasion of Falklands)

    Major – ditto (vs invasion of Kuwait)

    Blair – 5 wars of aggression (it says in this book wot I’ve got.)

    Brown – nil

    Cameron – 1 war of aggression so far.

  4. “Who would have thought it?”

    Not the PM or the Treasury evidently. Makes me question the level of real knowledge gained during those expensive Eton educations.

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