Oh dear Ms. Wall

On car insurance policies aross Europe:

According to research by Moneysupermarket.com, a third of Britons mistakenly believe their motor insurance will give them fully comprehensive cover abroad. The truth is that the majority of insurers downgrade their cover to third party.

\”A number of policies automatically downgrade as soon as you hit Continental soil,\” warned Peter Harrison, car insurance expert for the website.

It is therefore crucial that motorists study the small print of their policy, as their provider could automatically downgrade a fully comprehensive policy.

A handful of insurers do offer drivers the same level of cover abroad as in Britain – for example, Marks & Spencer, the AA and Endsleigh each extend their domestic policies for up to 90 days in Europe. However, big-name insurers Churchill, esure and Direct Line offer drivers only the minimum required by the country you are driving in.

No, it\’s not the minimum for each country you are driving in. This is now a European Union thing.

All car insurance policies sold in the EU must include third party cover in all EU countries.


2 thoughts on “Oh dear Ms. Wall”

  1. this always amazes me and I see it again and again –
    M&S, AA and endsleigh are all brokers / agents – they are not insurance companies – AA and endsleigh are ordinary brokers selling off the shelf products though AFAIK M&S is a bespoke product but M&S are not the insurance company.

    Readers may also be interested to know that Admiral (incl Elephant and Bell) are also only agents, selling products from an Irish insurance company called Hibernian.

  2. Maybe I’ve missed something, but isn’t she talking about two different types of insurance – third party and comprehensive, and isn’t she simply saying that you might lose your comprehensive cover, but not your third party?

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