On that decline in British manufacturing

What decline?

The bestselling shop-bought pizza in Italy, and indeed in 33 other countries around the world including Britain, is made by a German-owned food company on an industrial estate just off the M6 in Leyland, Lancashire.

Sure, it\’s not a Morris Minor we\’re manufacturing, but manufacturing it is.

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  1. to fit in with the British obsession with WW2, we should also point out that “Richard Kaselowsky was chosen by the founder, Dr. August Oetker, to lead the company as a trustee as of 1920. During his tenure as head of the company it expanded its presence into new businesses such as shipping (Hamburg Süd, Columbus Lines) and brewing. Kaselowsky was a member of the Nazi Party. In 1937, the company received the title of Nationalsozialistischer Musterbetrieb, or national-socialist model company, by the German Labour Front. They also received commendation in 1938 for the promotion of the Strength Through Joy programme.”

  2. The general consensus among the journo-mob, none of whom could integrate 1/(1 + sin 2 x) dx between 0 and π/2 is that if it falls on your foot and it doesn’t hurt, it’s not manufacturing.

  3. David,

    Not quite: even if it hurts your foot when it falls, such as the large Cameron subsea equipment made outside Leeds, it is not manufacturing unless it employs thousands of paid-up Union members who dutifully vote Labour.

  4. You don’t need to be mindlessly old-school Labour to be mindlessly “the only real economic activity is making big things out of metal”.

    The number of right-leaning people I’ve met (very nearly much everyone I’ve met who was right-leaning, over 40 and outside London, in fact) who’ve said “it’s a bloody disgrace we don’t make anything any more” &c is Not Low.

  5. It’s all those films of Great British Industry over backdrops of steel mills and welders (cf the start of The Full Monty).

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