Polly on Ed

Ed Miliband may lack instant charisma, but voters value decency

Oh, do they?

A leader facing bad personal polls and even worse ratings for public trust in his party to run the economy might panic.

No, apparently they don\’t.

8 thoughts on “Polly on Ed”

  1. Nowhere does Polly explain what reason there is for assuming that Ediband is “decent”.

    Is it simply because he is a left wing Labourite that he must be decent? Even if he is a serial plotter who conspired behind Blair’s back to oust him, fought dirty for the Labour leadership against his own brother etc

  2. Ed Balls looks like he sniffs the seats of young ladies’ bicycles. He has the manic eyes of a serial groper. I bet he has a nauseatingly gooey handshake. A thorough horse-whipping followed by his hounding from public life is surely the least* he deserves.

    * although an endorsement from Mrs Pollybee is a bit de trop, poor fellow

  3. Whoops, that came off a bit previous (fumble fingers)…

    Errm, and Ed Miliband looks like the sort of hyper-keen annoying suck-up that at school even hardcore computer geeks felt merited an arse-splitting wedgie or a good bog-washing at least daily. If Miliband D. were ever round my gaff I’d count the spoons after he’d left. Hell, I’d count my fingers.

    The whole bunch is so ghastly they pull off the remarkable feat of making Stuntman Dave’s bunch of weirdos, spastics and Huhnes look almost normal by comparison.

  4. Given a few name changes etc isn’t this the same article she wrote about Broon couple years back?
    Never can understand why La Toynbee is dignified with the title of journalist. Seems her only function is attempting to justify to whatever remains of the Labour electorate her beloved party’s latest idiocy.
    Oh & warming chairs at the BBC.

  5. Seam, bloke, yes Polly has form when it comes to semi-pornographic yearnings for muscular socialist Vikings to kick down the door and ravish her. I owe a debt of gratitude, inter alia, to Viz magazine and Obnoxio the Clown for the following: “Mary like a welly-top” and, “frothing at the gash.” Not my similes, I hope it will be noted*, but all the more apt for it.

    * by history, or at least my executors

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