@ richardjmurphy: Infamy! Infamy!

They\’ve all got it in for me!

A Tweet from the Murphmeister.

RichardJMurphy: @amadeus_iom Withdrawn because online poll by IoMToday made any prospect of an objective appraisal in the IoM impossible
The back story.
Presenter bloke on Isle of Man radio made jokeish reference to hoping that the IoM government had a wet works operation team which could take care of troublesome outsiders like Richard Murphy.
Ritchie reported this as an incitement to violence and asked the police to do something about it.
This request has now been withdrawn and that Tweet was Ritchie\’s explanation of the withdrawal.
Yes, quite, newspaper opinion poll makes fair trial impossible.
Carry on Accounting would have to star Kenneth Williams, wouldn\’t it?

14 thoughts on “@ richardjmurphy: Infamy! Infamy!”

  1. So Much For Subtlety

    JuliaM – “That he’s still the go-to guy for the Beeb and the Guardian on tax matters makes it rather less amusing…”

    I keep thinking that the penny is going to drop in Left-Central that the joke is on them, but it never does. Strange.

  2. Some bet. He’s in a class of his own. I presume the poll showed no-one thought he had a case. Thereby prejudicing his ability to make that case.

    I did wonder what Isle of Man Special Forces wet work would be: making it rain on him, maybe.

  3. The Manx Radio presenter in question is a sort of low rent Jermey Clarkson clone, but even less funny. Getting all a-fluster, Murphy was banging on on his blog about what an outrage it was in days when Russian dissidents are being assassinated (or some such high drama). He actually complained to the Manx police that it amounted to incitement to murder. Unbelievable.

  4. Richard: really? Wetwork, or ?????? ????, that was absolutely pukka Cold War KGB terminology. Guess I must have read slightly less highbrow fiction in my youth than you.

    But what a silly histrionic ninny is our beloved Richard.

  5. It is a logical extension of the Left’s definition that a crime is racially motivated if literally anyone can be found to think that it is.

    So, Richie thinks it is incitement to murder, so it really is incitement to murder.

    Next: Richie thinks he was murdered, so he really was murdered, even though he isn’t dead.

  6. “Carry on Accounting”:

    Charles Hawtrey as Murphy (especially for his ability to think too highly of himself and throw hissy fits).

    Sid James as Worstall.

    Kenneth Williams as a junior Treasury Minister (based on Stephen Timms).

    Joan Sims as Toynbee.

    But who will Babs play?

  7. Offshore Observer

    No the allegation that Murphy couldn’t get a fair investigation/trial in the Isle of Man suits his political agenda. After all the UK is theoretically responsible for Good government. They have intervened in a number of overseas territories on the basis of a break down in good government.

    Given Mr Murphy’s prediliction for making allegations so many times the become recieved wisdom and morph into “facts” this is simply a continuation of his modus operandi!

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