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@richardjmurphy just *can\’t* be as stupid as he seems, can he?

Here\’s our man:

And the outcome  of this mantra, often imposed on developing countries as a consequence of IMF loans?  It’s always an economic disaster:  the fact that the developing world has not made little or no progress in the last 30 years is almost entirely the fault of the IMF imposing such absurdly inappropriate policies on  so many poor states.

Here\’s reality:


And in Africa?



What part of the greatest reduction in poverty in the history of our species has he missed? Rising wealth and falling global inequality: whatever it is that people have been doing for the past 30 years seems to work prety well, doesn\’t it?

11 thoughts on “@richardjmurphy just *can\’t* be as stupid as he seems, can he?”

  1. It’s annoying that I can’t offer any more criticism of the man that’ll top the systematic roasting you give him daily, so as someone who grew up in a tax haven and has friends and family who would be impacted by his insanity, may I say simply this:

    Richard J. Murphy is an excremental lump of a human being. A lingering genital rash would be too good for him.

  2. I have to agree with the above. On the face of it, it does seem somewhat implausible that someone could be so grotesquely wrong about each and every thing he writes and not have had to withdraw into embarrassed purdah to avoid the mockery of his intellectual betters (that would be, errm, everyone) but I think the insulating effect of his crippling Dunning-Kruger cognitive deficit renders him immune to the fact that he is probably the stupidest person to be commenting today in the media on a regular basis. I have had smarter nosebleeds than this man, but I don’t get paid a fortune by the TUC to spout vapid, provably-incorrect, grasping, mulish, petty-minded bullshit.

    God, I fucking hate him.

  3. To be fair, he does have a ‘not’ in there, completely reversing the meaning of the sentence. But I’m pretty sure he didn’t mean to.

  4. FlatEric:

    But, if you called him out on it, he’d probably insist it was intentional (like crossing fingers behind your back negates the lie coming out of your mouth).

  5. David Gillies:

    Don’t get too worked up over it. Like I’ve noted in the past, the fact that nobody’s ever seen Tim and Murph in the same room at the same time does (at least slightly) suggest that one’s the creation of the other: someone to mock and at whom to throw sticks and stones. Nobody’s that stupid–are they?

  6. Hi Tim,

    We all agree that Murphy is an arse. And I am not criticising your economic diagnosis, but I have a question. The shape of the first 2 graphs may be explained by the growth of China, India and so on, but what accounted for the crap performance of Africa up to 1995?

    Tim adds: The general background is that China got switched on to that awful “neo-liberalism” …..actually, just a little bit less socialist stupidity and a bit more free markets… the late 70s. India in the early 90s, Africa, mostly, in the mid-90s. That’s when they started applying the Washington Consensus.

    And, not by chance I would say, that’s about when the growth lift off took place in each place.

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