Someone will have to explain this to me

Figueres told the Guardian in an interview that governments should act now to save money: \”We add $1tn to the cost [of tackling climate change] with every year of delay.\”

The technologies we might use to reduce (or even eliminate) the emissions which lead to climate change are falling in price precipitately.

For example, just last week we had Greenpeace telling us that solar power would be grid comparable (ie, that it will cost at the point of production/consumption the same as coal fired \’leccie from the grid) by 2015 for most of Europe and 2017 for all of it.

Currently solar PV costs 4 times the grid price (that, at least, is the subsidy we offer to get people to install it and that itself was calculated from offering an 8% return on the capital used to install it).

How can it cost more to install a technology in 4 years, when the price has fallen by 80% (or whatever it is) than to install it now?

If we were talking about a problem that was going to arrive in 6 years time, OK, perhaps. But we\’re not, we\’re talking about a chronic problem, one that\’s going to take at minimum multiples of decades, if not centuries, to arrive.

Perhaps someone could explain this to me?

9 thoughts on “Someone will have to explain this to me”

  1. The greenies want to legislate us back to the middle ages now while most people still believe in CAGW; if they wait a few years, more people will have realised that it’s all bollocks so the measures will be more unpopular.

  2. “But we’re not, we’re talking about a chronic problem, one that’s going to take at minimum multiples of decades, if not centuries, to arrive.”

    That is, of course, assuming that we’re talking about any problem at all……..

  3. Oh I dunno, maybe – just maybe – the greenies are just pulling these figures out of their own collective arse?

    With these people, it’s always imminent global holocaust if we don’t adopt communism NOW. Has been for the past several decades.

    The greenies are just the eco-communist version of famous evangelical Christian end-of-worlder Harold Camping.

    Except that where Camping promises eternity in heaven for his followers, the greens promise eternal hell on earth for us and our descendants by following their crazy misanthropic austerity plans, which are guaranteed to inflict hunger, poverty, and disease on the great bulk of humanity, in the name of pleasing Gaia.

  4. There is nothing to explain, its a lie.

    Moreover, even if it were true, the savings from waiting until the technology gets cheaper could still be more than the extra costs.

  5. The Laughing Cavalier

    If CAGW arrives at all … The ecofascists are desperate to get their snouts in the trough before the world wakes up and realises that the Emperor has no clothes.

  6. Ian Bennett has got it, I think. They’ve realised that the public are realising that it’s a giant con, so they have to move quickly.

    Rather like the NHS in the 40s; didn’t Labour say that they had to do it quickly if they were going to do it at all, because otherwise the take-up of friendly societies and suchlike would be so widespread that they’d never convince people it was needed?

  7. This isn’t even campaigning. It’s a high pressure sales technique: Buy our lousy policies NOW while this offer lasts. You’d have to be a crazy denialist to wait!!!

  8. How can it cost more to install a technology in 4 years, when the price has fallen by 80% (or whatever it is) than to install it now?

    Unionised Labour Costs?

  9. Peter MacFarlane

    You’ve confused their aims here.

    You think their aim is to reduce emissions and thereby avert potentially damaging climate change (yes, it’s all bollocks, but that is the almost-rational nearly-credible aim you think they have).

    Whereas their real aim is to increase their own power and influence, and provide the State with an excuse to increase taxes and extend its power, which in turn will increase their power and influence even more.

    So they’re not so stupid really, on their own terms.

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